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RM Projects KS3
Ipod Amp Project
Frame Project
Storage Box
Pewter Casting Project
Coat Hook Project
Puzzle Project
Mechancal Toy Project
Food Technology KS3
Food Year7
Food Year 8
Food Year 9
Food History
Graphics Projects KS3
Board Game Project
Pop-Up Card & Nets Project
History of Design
Textiles Projects KS3
Sock Creature
Bag Project
Cushion Project
Hat Project
Textiles Theory
D of E
Duke of Edinburgh's Award
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GCSE Food Coureswork
Analysing the Brief
Design Page
Production Plan
Quality of Manufacture
Test and Evaluate
Theory Powerpoints
Food Revision
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KS3 Complete Projects in both Food Technology, Product Design and Resistant Materials. Using the templates is fine, but remember to submit only your own work.

Studying Design and Technology includes the use of a broad range of knowledge, skills, and understanding, and prompts engagement in a wide variety of activities. Pupils design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts.

The English National Curriculum for Design and Technology sets out the minimum requirement for the subject. Most schools use this as a starting point and develop their own school curriculum to specifically meet the needs of their own pupils.

Design and Technology KS3 Key Resources

An extensive bank of Design and Technology Key Resources has been developed to help teachers who are looking to move their schemes of work from craft-based focused projects, towards planning units that focus on students’ learning in Design and Technology.

The Teacher Guide and associated tools are available for free download. The resource comprises a Key Stage 3 plan for Design and Technology learning, planning and auditing tools, and guidance on using the Progression Framework and associated Key Resources bank of resources.


The KS1-3 Curriculum 2014 (England): The Original Documents

See all of the KS1-3 National curriculum documents 2014 on the dfe website