RM Projects KS3
Sanding-abrasive papers
Sawing a Board
The Coping_Saw
Routing Wood
Marking out Wood
Marking out Metal
Files and filing
Drilling-drill bits
Drilling Wood
Cutting wood
Chiselling & Chisels
Turning & Cutting a Barley Sugar Twist
Hot Glue Gun-Quiz
Hot Glue Gun-Handout
Hot Glue Gun answers[1]
Hot Glue Gun-2D design





how to make a halving joint

Marking Out
Mortice & Tenon Joint
Dovetail Joint
Lap Butt Joint
Corner Mortice & Tenon Joint
Biscuit Joint
Edge Moulding
Mitre Joint





logoWhen you are designing a product or component it is important to have a clear idea of how you are going to manufacture it. The same product can usually be manufactured in a variety of ways. Specialised machinery and tooling will sometimes be required.

In the design section of your controlled assessment task, you will have to demonstrate a detailed understanding of materials and processes. Make sure that you include sufficient notes and details to justify your choices of materials, processes and techniques.