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The template is a step by step guide to completing this part of your coursework.

Before you start...

Choose a project that you find interesting, as you will be working on it for a long time. A Design Brief is a statement of what you are going to make, Who are you going to make it for, and why it is needed.

Next you will be asked to analyse the brief ‘Brief Analysis’

This can be done by using a mindmap, to help you think about the brief from different perspectives.

cousrework graphical content

PrCoureswork graphical content

design brief powerpoint

What to consider in a design brief-PowerPoint

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cover lesson-design brief

cover lesson-design brief

KS3-4 60 page work book on tools and processes

KS3-4 60 page work book on tools and processes




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analising the brief

Exercise: Analysis of the brief

amp speaker design brief
Amp speaker design brief
scooter  scike design brief
scooter scike design brief
guitar design brief

Guitar design brief

chair design brief

Chair design brief

revision booklet on PowerPoint

Revision booklet in PowerPoint

revision booklet in publisher

Revision booklet in publisher

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logoWelcome to the Design Brief page


Some exam boards give you the design Brief, some don't. The brief is an explanation of what you are going to do..
Here's one from AQA...

  • Ride on pencil with storage
  • Corset in carbon fibre and aluminium
  • Ergonomic gaming chair
  • Ride on six wheeled ambulance
  • Ride on pencil with storage
  • RM 2010 Trinity 015
  • Storage device for climbing stairs
  • Coffee table
  • Coffee table with storage
  • Ride on snail with storage
  • DSCN4281
  • responsive slider
  • sensory table plan
Ride on pencil with storage1 Corset in carbon fibre and aluminium2 Ergonomic gaming chair3 Ride on six wheeled ambulance4 Ride on pencil with storage5 RM 2010 Trinity 0156 Storage device for climbing stairs7 Coffee table8 Coffee table with storage9 Ride on snail with storage10 11 12 DSCN428113 14 15 sensory table plan16
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..."Design a Lighting system for a target audience".
Your next step will be to start identify a design opportunity around this problem.

....young adults seek an individual products that reflect their individual interests. The lighting system should be desk or wall mounted, suitable for study and relaxation, and have some form of storage facility to organise small items such as keys, memory sticks and loose change.
For some excellent examples of Design Briefs, visit the examples in the blue column.

Folder front assessment sheet

Front assessment sheet for student folder (page1)

front assessment sheet for student folders 2

Front assessment sheet for student folder (page 2)

KS4 student tracker and feedback

Or try this simpilar front cover KS4 student tracker and feedback