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Subject PowerPoint

Subject PowerPoint

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design idea annotation guidence

design idea annotation guidence

Memphis mechanical design ildea
Memphis mechanical design ildea
mechanical lamp
Mechanical lamp design idea
CCTV lamp design idea

CCTV lamp design idea

range of design ideas

Range of design ideas




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logoWelcome to Design Ideas

Introduction to project

Design ideas are an opportunity to explore possible solutions to meet your design specification. They don’t need to be works of art. Good scoring design ideas are clear and show enough detail and annotation which are easily understood.

  • Desk Lamp-Developed design idea
  • CCTV lamp design idea
  • Memphis mechanical design ildea
  • Mechanical lamp
  • angular carousel
  • range of design ideas 3
Desk Lamp-Developed design idea1 CCTV lamp design idea2 Memphis mechanical design ildea3 Mechanical lamp4 range of design ideas 15 range of design ideas 36
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Use your research carefully
Make sure your design solves the problem in your design brief
Make sure your design meets all of your bullet points in your specification
Refer to manufacturing processes you can do in the school workshop.

Good idea pages also contain...
Realistic ideas
Workable and detailed
Ideas demonstrate good understanding of materials
Ideas show understanding of processes

Project Aims