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modelling template

modelling template

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material testing template

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SuModelling and changes

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Jewellery box modelling

Jewellery box modelling

case modelling & testing
case modelling & testing
scooter modelling and development
scooter modelling and development
amp speaker modelling and development

amp speaker modelling and development

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amp speaker modelling and development 2

CD-DVD rack modelling and development

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logoWelcome to Modelling & Development

Introduction to project

Now you have done your design development, you have a good idea of how your finished piece will look. To test the design we need to model your idea (or a part of your idea). Now is an opportunity to go in the workshop and make some scale 3D models of your ideas. You can also model your idea in CAD to test your design idea.

Card models are brilliant for testing how a product might look, function and perform. Your classmates will certainly offer an opinion, write these comments down and even develop another based on their comments.

It doesn't have to be the whole product, it could be...

A handle
A joint
A flexible shelving system jig
Modelling a jig or template
Some testing with weights if appropriate
Google sketch (scale drawing)

Keep a camera or phone in your pocket, recording the modelling is critical for the higher mark. It is also important to talk with your teacher who may help devise a test for a model.

Exceelnt example of developing and modelling a hand bag.

Hand bag modelling and development