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evaluation lesson plan
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logoWelcome to the Evaluation page


Now you have made and tested your final product, you will need to evaluate your work. Compare your product with your specification. Ask end-users evaluate your product. Encourage them to offer suggestions for improvement. Reflect on the whole project, what went well and what didn’t go so well!

Also consider the following questions...
Is the product easy to use? Does it do what it is supposed to do?
What do you think of the overall design ? What changes would you make ?
What changes have you made from your original design? Explain and justify each change with reasons for doing so.
Have you got the balance between aesthetics & function right?
Are you happy with the materials you chose ? Would you make adjustments next time ?
Is the colour scheme exactly what you expected ? What alterations would you make ?
Did the project take too long? Would this add to the cost of manufacture ?
Would it be easy to set up a production line for the manufacture of your product?
Is your solution safe ? Could it be made safer ?
Are the techniques you used to make your solution adequate or would you use a different range of manufacturing techniques ?
Is the solution the right size/shape ?
What are the views of other people regarding your design ?
Does it work ? What changes are required ?
Has it been cost effective?
What other problems did you encounter with your project and how did you overcome them?
If your user group doesn't evaluate your project, you won't get the higher mark!