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logoFrame Project

Introduction to project

Students will design and make a picture frame incorporating lap joints in a hard wood, vacuum form a thermo plastic back (HIPS High Impact Polystyrene), laser cut a front cover (in acrylic) and turn a non-ferrous metal (aluminium) on a metal lathe.
As well as, using a range of materials students will develop a range of design skills both on 2D design, and conventional graphical skills in a range of mediums.

  • Using a 'gents' gents saw to cut waste
  • Using a clamp
  • Frame complete
  • Vaccum form back in HIPS
  • Exploded view of assembly
  • slider bootstrap
  • How to produce a yoke mould
Using a 'gents' gents saw to cut waste1 Using a clamp2 Frame complete3 Vaccum form back in HIPS4 Exploded view of assembly5 Finished product6 How to produce a yoke mould7
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Project Aims

How to form a mould

Properties of materials

How to use the laser cutter

How to joint different materials

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