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chair mindmap-task analysis

chair mindmap-task analysis

mindmap moodbaod template

mindmap Moodboard template


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pizza packaging moodboard
Pizza packaging moodboard
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Storage digital version
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chair moodboard

Chair mindmap



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logoWelcome to Mindmap's and Moodboard's

Introduction to project

Mood-boards are useful tools to help designers present a graphical illustration of the user’s needs. Designers will often interview the end-user to discover their likes and dislikes.

This process helps the designer understand the visual and tactile needs of the user.
Interview your end-user, paste pictures and words onto a board (A3 Sheet), fabric as well or shades/pieces of wood/materials to represent the users views.

Keep referring to the mood-board when you start designing as it is easy to forget what the user needs were as the design process develops.

A Mindmap is a useful way of exploring the task, identifying problem areas and areas for further research.

Mindmap all the things you will need to consider before you start to design your project. 
A lot of the main areas have been given to you below. Add any more that you think are relevant to your particular design.

This should be a fairly quick exercise and may be put straight on paper. If you wish to present it more carefully it is fine but be careful not to spend too much time on it.

For each of the headings branch out giving more specific detail

Study the examples given and consider linking different groups, such as materials and cost or ergonomics and health and safety. It is these cross over links with other areas that will help take your work to a higher level. This also links with the task analysis sheet.

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Other areas you may consider are:

Time Available