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V-fold lesson-instructions

V-fold lesson & Instructions

Pig pop-up card assembly instructions

Pig net assembly instructions

melody card template Melody card template /Mechanisms-levers-effort-load and fulcrum




Student stuff...

Booklet page 1

Pig pop-up card Pig pop-up card (2D design) Testarossa car net

Testarossa net (2D design)

POP UP WORDS-creased letters on a square box

Pop-up words, creased words in a box

rotational motion-cover lesson

Rotational card-instructions

Oscillating motion-cover lesson

Oscillating motion card

Linear motion-cover lesson

Linear motion card

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Analysing the Brief
Design Page
Production Plan
Quality of Manufacture
Test and Evaluate
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Food Revision
Food Quiz Box





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Introduction to project

4 Lessons designed to develop a range of paper engineering skills6

  • bird
  • combination
  • halloween
  • heart
  • pop up pig sample
  • mum
  • simple jquery slider
  • present
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Project Aims

Develop paper engineering skills