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production plan template

Production plan template

production plan fill-in-the-blanks

production plan fill-in-the-blanks

how to make a cup of tea flow chart

how to make a cup of tea flow chart

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cabinet production plan

cabinet production plan

bookcase flow chart
bookcase flow chart
Gantt chart sample
Gantt chart sample-chair
production plan-que case

Que case production plan




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logoWelcome to the Production Plan page

Introduction to project

You must plan the manufacture of your product carefully, which means that you must produce a production plan to show various stages of manufacture. This plan could be in the form of a flowchart showing the stages of manufacture in the correct sequence and how long each stage will take. Highlight the stages where quality control (QC) will take place. Give specific details of what is being checked and how; do not just use simple generic statements such as ‘check here for quality’. For example, when any material is being cut to size, you should know the size in advance. Make sure the size is correct by measuring it with a ruler or micrometer for more accurate measurements.

how to make a flow chart powerpoint

Above; PowerPoint on how to develop a flowchart

Your production plan should show all the stages of manufacture for a one-off product, rather than showing how it could be made commercially in batches. It is also important that it is a proper plan, done in advance, rather than being completed retrospectively, or as a photographic dairy as it is being made.

Exceelnt example of a Production Plan

Textiles Bag-Production Plan