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Student risk assessment template

Student risk assessment template

classroom risk assessment

classroom risk assessment

risk assessment lesson plan

risk assessment lesson plan

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risk assessment cover lesson

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Bandsaw risk assessment for students

Bandsaw risk assessment

router risk assessment

router risk assessement

chair risk assessment

Chair risk assessment

wood lathe risk assessment

wood lathe risk assessment

teacher guidence

teacher guidence




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logoWelcome to Risk Assessment


You need to show that you understand that products that are to be used by the public conform to certain safety standards (this is especially important if you are making a product for a child) use the internet to look at ROSPA, BSI and other safety sites to find out what standards you need to meet.

I encourage you to use materials that already have a British Standard number on them. If it already meets a standard, you can be sure it is safe and your users won’t be harmed. This will also make the cost cheaper to produce, as the manufacturer will not have to spend money on research and development or test and register a new material or component.

In the table below are a range of risk assessments downloaded from CLEAPS

wood-dust PPE-for-wood-dust
wood-chemicals narrowbandsaw-risk-assessment-form
toxic-woods narrow-bandsaw
safe-stacking-of-wood dust-collection-from-saws